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Pfaff Performance 2054


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The Pfaff Performance 2054 is a fully-loaded, high-function sewing machine. There is a wide range of functions and features ideal for any quilting project. With such a high-performance sewing machine, the extent of its uses depends upon the sewer's skill.

Possibly the most impressive aspect of the Performance 2054 is the large high resolution touch screen that provides easy access to stitches and functions. From this panel, the stitch length or width may be altered, and machine operation programs may be run. Although some may find the machine's advanced technology intimidating at first, help is readily available. Recommendations on selecting a presser foot, setting tension, threading the machine or loading bobbins appears at a touch of the Info button. The touch screen is sensitive and may be operated by hand or by the stylus included with the Performance 2054. The screen is centered and conveniently positioned just below eye level.

The functions accessible from the touch screen are of particular interest to quilters. The patchwork setting, for one, measures the length of the first patch sewn and actually repeats the same length with a tie-off stitch. With this function, blocks fit better into quilts as stretching and pulling apart is avoided. With the Needle Up/Down program, the needle remains in down while the presser foots automatically raises to simplify pivoting.

Also notable is the vast selection of stitches the Performance 2054 provides. 

So many helpful automatic aids are available on this model. Programming the Automatic Presser Foot Lift raises the presser foot when sewing stops. The correct presser foot height is automatically set, as are optimum settings for stitch height and width. Quite useful for quilters is the constant needle piercing power. This is a great benefit when sewing slowly or through many layers of fabric.

There are a number of conveniences built into this design. Particularly handy is the large compartmentalized accessory tray equipped with a Standard Presser Foot, Fancy Stitch Foot, Blindhem Foot, Rolled Hem Foot, Edge Guide/Quilting Guide, Buttonhole Foot, Darning Foot, bobbins, etc.


Large high resolution touch screen provides access to a wide selection of programs :

"Single stitch" program : Program the desired number of stitches or sequences. Sewing stops automatically and the seam is tied off.
"Tie off" program : Automatically secure a seam's beginning and end.
"Needle up/down" program : The needle remains down, and the presser foot is automatically raised for easy pivoting.
"Patchwork" program : Seam lengths are captured and repeated for simplified block piecing.
"Free-motion" program : A must for stippling, free-motion and darning.
"Twin needle" : The screen indicates when a twin needle can be used.
"Sew slow" function : Speed is reduced when sewing becomes difficult.
"Express Sequence" function : Trial runs of a stitch sequences provides a nice preview of end results.

Integrated Walking Foot : This feature, unique to Pfaff sewing machines, is a built-in walking foot. IDT guides the upper layer of fabric through the machine at the same rate feed dogs move the lower layer of fabric.