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Smith Owen Michigan Wall Hanging Kit

A wall hanging inspired by Michigan features the vibrant blues and greens of the Great Lakes and dense woodlands, interlaced with motifs of the state's fauna like the white-tailed deer or the robin, its state bird. The design incorporates the Petoskey stone pattern, Michigan's state stone, and the apple blossom, its state flower, Big Mac, Fudge, Apples and Beer. This tapestry of elements not only reflect the state's environmental wonders but also its cultural heritage, creating a textile narrative as rich and diverse as Michigan itself.

Bring the beauty and charm of Michigan into your home with the Smith Owen Michigan Wall Hanging Kit. This exquisite kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, home decorators, and anyone who loves the Great Lakes State. With its easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality materials, you can create a stunning wall art piece that celebrates Michigan's unique character.

Finishes to approximately 27 x 31"

Does not include backing or binding