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Embroider Buddies

The Embroider Buddy™ line of stuffed animals was created to give embroiderers a quick and easy way to customize gift and souvenir stuffed animals – for themselves, kids, grandkids or anyone that wants a cute embroidered buddy. With its removable stuffing pillow, Embroider Buddy™makes custom embroidery as easy as 1-2-3
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Billy Black Bear Buddy


Buddy Bunny


Buster Bulldog Buddy


Duncan Donkey Buddy


Elford Elephant Buddy Grey


Gerry Giraffe Buddy


Hedley Hedgehog Buddy


Howie Horse Buddy


Kerry Kangaroo Buddy


Kory Koala Buddy


Lambton Lamb Buddy


Mikey Moose Buddy


Mister Buddy Bear Brown


Monty Monkey Buddy


MooMoo Cow Buddy


Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy


Pendrick Penguin Buddy


Peyton Panda Buddy


Randy Reindeer Buddy


Rory Lion Buddy


Sonny Snowman Buddy


Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy


Tory Tiger Buddy


Zachary Zebra Buddy