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Anita's Express has released another "Learn To" project! This one combines the art of creating a zipper bag with using an array of different fabrics. You know we love thinking outside of the quilt block. By incorporating new fabrics, you can do so too! Some fabrics are so beautiful, but you never want to use them! With this Anita's Express edition we show you how to work with different fabrics by describing their composition. For example, thin fabrics need to have a fusible interfacing to ensure they do not rip or tear. Thicker fabrics may need a thinner lining to avoid the bag from being too bulky.

Another great reason you'll love the Learn to create Zipper bags collection is creating the project completely in the hoop! The zipper is added in the hoop as well and we show you step-by-step how to do so. You will love how quick and easy it is to finish these fully lined zipper bags!
Each bag is completed with decorative quilting stitches over the top of the main fabric. This timeless look helps accent the fabrics we are using without overpowering them. Not to mention, it is easy to complete in a short amount of time.