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Anita's Express for March is full of adorable and handy projects! Needle Cases is a collection that is so simple to make and will be used very often, not to mention would be a great gift for a fellow quilter or embroidery enthusiast. With this collection, we have also included floral designs that will be the perfect size to merge onto your needle case! 

The best part of this project is being able to complete it in the hoop. These needle cases take no additional sewing. This means, once the machine is finished running, your design can be removed from the stabilizer and immediately used. Since these are so easy to make, you'll be creating a couple for all of your sewing buddies. We have included five different cover options. This way, you'll be able to make sure everyone has a needle case that is uniquely theirs! We have also included 20 floral designs to merge onto your needle case! These designs are the perfect size to give an extra pop of color and interest to your finished project! Not interested in merging them to your needle case? You'll still be able to use these designs on any other embroidery project or quilt you own!