Smith Owen Sewing & Quilting

Designer Ruby Deluxe

deLuxe Stitch System
: it automatically selects the best
stitch system to improve the balance between needle
thread and bobbin thread

Automatically and continuously senses and
adjusts as you sew any thickness of fabric for
perfect even feeding

Enlarge or reduce an embroidery
design to the exact size you need
retaining the correct density
and fill type

You can create and embroider large designs up to 14¼"x8"
(360x200mm) without re-hooping

Eliminate trimming time as you create beautiful
• Cuts your embroidery jump stitches automatically
• Pulls the thread tails to the wrong side of the fabric for quick

Click here to see all of the benefits of the Viking Ruby deLuxe

Have you browsed quilting magazines and been amazed by the variety, intricacy, and special effects of the embroidered quilts you see? Have you wondered if you could do the same incredible work? Wonder no more! Come join our event with a HUSQVARNA VIKING® Event Specialist and learn how to combine quilting with embroidery! Have fun learning awesome techniques on one of our HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery machines. Be inspired to create your own beautifully embroidered quilt.

Join us Saturday June 21st for this fun event. You'll get to quilt and embroider on the Husqvarna Viking Ruby Deluxe. A perfect chance to try out a new embroidery machine and learn a new technique.

A light lunch will be served.

When: Saturday, June 21 from 10am - 4pm
Where: Smith-Owen Sewing & Quilting
Cost: Only $19.95
Every Participant will receive a $10.00 Gift Card at the end of this event
Sign Up Below- Limited Seating