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Super Special on the
Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic

We've just added a Mother's Day Special on the Incredible Viking Designer Epic that you can't pass up.

Until May 15, 2017 purchase the Designer Epic and you'll receive this special package

  1. 30% Off Retail. That's a $4500 savings on the EPIC.
  2. 2500 Bonus Embroidery Designs
  3. FREE Designer Epic Roller Bag a $399.00 value
    Protect your machine on the go or use for home storage. Includes a telescoping handle, 360 degree swivel casters and ample storage space for your machine and accessories.
  4. 60 Months No Interest Financing or an extra $500 Off (your choice)
  5. Free Dime Embroidery Starter Kit a $325.00 value- includes Hoop it Up book, Hoop Clip, Birds Nest Tool Kit, 250 roll of Target Stickers, Perfect Placement Kit, Print and Stick Target Paper, Perfect Alignment Light, Sticky Stabilizer, Piece and Stitch Stabilizer in two sizes.
  6. Extended Free Service $300 value- We're tripling the required service on you new machine to three years of FREE service!
  7. FREE Owners Classes for sewing and embroidery
Check all of the features of the Designer Epic below and then stop in to see it in action. But Hurry because these specials end on March 31st

Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic

Top Features

JoyOS Advisor™ Feature

Select fabric type and get a wide selection of available sewing techniques, from basic to detailed sewing. JoyOS Advisor™ feature will instantly set the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension /portioning and presser foot pressure for the technique you’ve chosen. Animations and illustrations will also assist you and provide expert advice right on the screen.

mySewnet™ Cloud

mySewnet™ services cloud allows easy access to embroideries from multiple devices, including your computer, tablet or DESIGNER EPIC™ machine. They will always be synchronized and available whenever you need them via WiFi. The free App - mySewMonitor - provides you with real time updates on the status of your embroidery even when you’re away from your DESIGNER EPIC™.

Tablet-like Screen

Market's largest display with capacitive touch, 10.1”. Easy to navigate through various screens using multi-touch
gestures. First and only brand with interactive tablet-like screen. Drag and drop on screen, zoom, rotate, pinch, swipe and spread, just like on any tablet or smartphone.

Large Working Area

Our largest embroidery area ever! Even more generous sewing area!. There are no limits to your larger than life projects, quilts
home dec projects or fashion. Embroider up to 360x260mm, non turnable*. Largest sewing area, more than 12” x 5 1/2” (310x140mm) work area.

*With the optional DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop you can create and embroider designs up to 360x350mm without re-hooping.


Fully Automatic Needle Threader

With one touch of a button your needle is threaded and ready to sew with the built-in fully automatic needle threader. Hassle-free threading every time!

30% Larger Bobbin

The DESIGNER EPIC™ machine has a 30% larger bobbin than our previous machines, enabling you to do more sewing and embroidering before it’s time to change your bobbin.

Effortless Embroidery

Achieve more beautiful embroidery than ever, even with challenging metallic threads. Thanks to the industry-first deLuxe™ Stitch System you get gorgeous stitch results on both sides, regardless of the fabric type.

Exclusive Stitch Techniques

HUSQVARNA VIKING® world class unique stitches for more creative opportunities. ”Sequin stitches”, “Theme stitches” plus Dimensional stitches.

Perfect Even Feeding

The EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology automatically and continuously senses and adjusts for any fabric thickness – resulting in a perfect even feed.

Market Leading Light

With the brightest*, most even LED-lights on the market, you can achieve the best result – at any time, night or day.

*when compared to Brother Innovis Dream Machine, Babylock Destiny, Janome Horizon MC, and Bernina 830/880.

New Thread Path

The new thread paths with telescopic thread guides allow you to use all of your favorite threads, even if they are on larger spools. Bobbin winding is more convenient then ever.

Embroidery Features

• 651 designs included
• 8 multi-size embroidery fonts
• Design appliqué
• Design shaping
• Design positioning
• Selective/Automatic Thread Cutter with Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
• Embroidery customize on screen
• Color block sort - eliminate color changes with a touch
• Color block merge – eliminate color stops in large or combined designs
• Grouping of designs – create a group of selected designs on screen for editing
• Smart save – remembers your edits and placement in embroidery edit and embroidery stitch-out
• Possibility to embroider buttonholes in the hoop
• Undo/redo when creating design combinations
• Change design stitch out order
• Tapering in embroidery mode
• Sew decorative stitches in the hoop
• Design-select – select one or many embroideries for editing
• Touch & Hold for easy handling of designs, files and more
• Select designs from thumbnail pictures
• Go to exact embroidery stitch number
• Load and view multi-format designs
• Add grid to screen for placement
• Cursor mark on-screen while embroidering
• Color edit: change design colors, change background color, select monochrome
• Rotate designs: one degree increments
• Baste in hoop, 2 options
• Scale design
• Step though embroidery by color and stitch-by-stitch
• Check size and placement before embroidering
• My Hoops - select hoops you own
• Embroidery unit soft bag included
• Free QuickFont and Embroidery software to download
mySewnet™ Cloud storage of designs
• Saving designs to USB Embroidery stick


• Included: DESIGNER™ Imperial Hoop 14¼"x10¼" (360x260mm)
• Included: DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop 10¼"x8" (260x200mm)
• Included: DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop 4¾"x4¾" (120x1200mm)

• Optional: DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop 14¼"x13¾" (360x350mm) and more than 16 additional hoops

Sewing Features

• 807 built-in stitches
• 1294 stitches (including letters, characters etc.)
• Interchangeable dual feed included
• Electronic piercing power, pulsating needle force 150Nw
• Straight stitch plate with sensor
• Stitch width, 7mm
• Side-motion sewing, with stitches up to 54mm
• Taper stitch – choose from 18 different angles
• Directional sewing – 4-way and 8-way
• Possible to sew with embroidery unit attached
• Permanent memories: mySewnet™ Cloud
• Smart save of all sewing settings
• Stitch pattern Re-Start
• 8 Programmable sewing fonts
• 16 Perfectly balanced buttonholes (PBB) with Sensor one-step buttonhole foot
• Stitches on screen, starting point of stitch indicated on screen
• Twin needle setting, the look of the stitch is shown in screen
• 2 Free motion modes: free motion floating and free motion spring action
• Stitch Positioning
• Adjust Stitch; length, width, mirror image side-to-side and end-to-end
• Twin needle and stitch width safety
• Sew with or without foot control
• Light indicates Needle Stop Up/Down
• Fix Tie-Off Function
• Instant and Permanent Reverse
• Stop Function
• Snap on presser feet
• 29 Needle positions

Even More Features

• Illuminated thread area
• Soft textile cover
• Embroidery unit textile bag
• Two USB ports for Embroidery stick
• Automatic Updates through WiFi or Update via USB Embroidery stick
• Quick wind bobbin – separate motor to wind bobbin while sewing or embroidering
• 5 speed settings
• Automatic feed teeth drop
• Double-sided slide-on accessory tray with smart storage solutions
• Top and bobbin thread sensor
• Multiple languages
• Extended dual stitch plate: guidelines up to 65mm on both sides of the needle
• Automatic bobbin thread pick-up
• Jam-proof Rotary Hook
• Permanently lubricated
• Designed and Engineered in Sweden

Step-by-step tutorials built-in

With the enhanced JoyOS Advisor™ there's 120 step-by-step animated and illustrated tutorials so that sewers of all skill levels will accomplish whatever your heart desires, with ease.

With the enhanced JoyOS advisor™ there's 120 built-in animations and illustrated instructions so that sewers of all skill levels will accomplish whatever your heart desires, with ease.

Swipe, zoom, pinch, duplicate, and more on the tablet-like screen

The tablet-like screen allows you to experiment and customize your designs however you like, you like for projects that are uniquely yours.


A WiFi connected machine means creativity anywhere


The DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine has smart WiFi functions.




The most advanced embroidery


With the largest embroidery area, the largest turnable and non-turnable hoops, and the JoyOS advisor™ feature, you'll be able to achieve your creative aspirations.


Made with the quilter in mind

The DESIGNER EPIC™ machine is the largest, brightest, yet lightest machine.  And it features the most space to work, the best viewing angles, and more for quilting enthusiasts.





It's thoughtfully created for you

At HUSQVARNA VIKING® we share your passion for sewing and embroidery.  That’s why we thought through every detail – big and small!

The New DESIGNER EPIC™ – a First of Its Kind

At HUSQVARNA VIKING® , we’re only a sewing company…Our sole focus is to put the joy of sewing and unlimited creativity into the enthusiast sewer’s hands.

Expert level results regardless of fabric

You're unique and you like to express your style... but that requires a machine that's up to the task.

A smart machine with automatic push notifications

When embroidering on the new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine you will receive instant updates.

Sew as big as you dream

The new HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine is the largest yet lightest top-of-the-line machine.

Access designs anywhere

Create, store and access your designs from anywhere – with the DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing & Embroidery machine’s new built-in storage, mySewnet™ cloud.

First Tablet-Like Screen

With HUSQVARNA VIKING® New DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine, you’ll have the first and only interactive tablet-like screen so that you can swipe, pinch, zoom, rotate, or multiply designs easily…

Get guidance every step of the way!

120 animated, illustrated and step-by-step tutorials built into the machine.

Made for Sewers, by Sewers™

We know you love to sew...

If it’s in your mind, it’s now in your hands.

Our reimagined DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine tailors the sewing experience around your wants and needs through a Tablet-like screen, WiFi, 120 Step-by-step animated and illustrated tutorials, and much, much more. The result is a brand new sewing experience where your own creative exploration can come to life in special ways.